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ECRO was inaugurated in 1970 at the International Summer Course on Odour Perception, in Utrecht, with the aim of promoting and co-ordinating research in chemoreception.
It was officially registered in Paris in 1971 and although it began as a European venture, it now has members from outside Europe and sees its function as world-wide. It encourages a multi-disciplinary approach to research in chemoreception.

Since 1978 ECRO has been affiliated with UNESCO.


ECRO I:  Orsay-Paris (France) 1974;

ECRO II:  Reading (UK) 1976;

ECRO III: Pavia (Italy) 1978;

ECRO IV: Noordwijkerhout (Netherlands) 1980;

ECRO V: Regensburg (Germany) 1982;

ECRO VI: Lyon (France) 1984;

ECRO VII: Davos (Switzerland) 1986;

ECRO VIII: Coventry (UK) 1988;

ECRO IX: Noordwijkerhout (Netherlands) 1990;

ECRO X: Munich (Germany) 1992;

ECRO XI: Blois (France) 1994;

ECRO XII: Zurich (Switzerland) 1996;

ECRO XIII: Siena (Italy) 1998;

ECRO XIV: Brighton (UK) 2000;

ECRO XV: Erlangen (Germany) 2002; see abstracts

ECRO XVI: Dijon (France) 2004; see abstracts

ECRO XVII: Granada (Spain) 2006;see abstracts

ECRO XVIII: Portoroz (Slovenia) 2008; see abstracts

ECRO XIX: Villasimius (Italy) 2009; see abstracts

ECRO XX: Avignon (France) 2010; see abstracts

ECRO XXI: Manchester (UK) 2011;

Forthcoming: ECRO XXII: Stockholm (Sweden) 2012;



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